Team is ready, and robots too! The photo shows team members (left-to-right): Fabio Polisano, Corrado Santoro, Alberto Contaldo, Santi Passarello, Giorgio Pometti, Marco Pometti, Matteo Jacopo Schembri, Riccardo Sparti. And the robots: Peri and Poccu. Special thanks to Giuseppe Costa of “Laboratori Nazionali del Sud”.


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UNICT-TEAM ready for Eurobot 2017

Another adventure is starting for the UNICT-TEAM! After a stop of one year, the team is participating again the Eurobot competition. The theme this year is “Moon village”: the robots have to capture “lunar rocks”, represented by white balls, and “lunar modules”, represented by cylinders, and put them into proper areas of the playing arena. The competition will take place from 25th to 28th of May in La Roche-sur-Yon (France).

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UNICT-TEAM selected for MBZ International Robotic Challenge

The robotic team of the University of Catania has been selected to participate to the international robotic competition Mohamed Bin Zayed International Robotics Challenge (MBZIRC), which is organised by the Khalifa University of Abu Dhabi and will take place in March 2017.

The aim of the competition is to implement an autonomous flying drone able to identify a moving ground vehicle and land on the top of it.

The UNICT-TEAM has been selected among 143 applications sent by the best University of the world; among them, only 15 teams (including UNICT-TEAM) has been selected to receive a sponsorship from the Khalifa University.

The team is composed of students of the MSc degress in Automation EngineeringComputer Science, Computer Engineering and is head by Giovanni Muscato, Donato Melita (DIEEI, Robotics group), Corrado Santoro (DMI, Autonomous systems group), Sebastiano Battiato and Giovanni Maria Farinella (DMI, IPLab).


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Eurobot 2014

We currently are in Dresden (Germany) for the Eurobot 2014 competition.

This year the name of the competition is “Prehistobot”, every team can use a maximum of two robots for the matches. The robots must perform a set of actions in order to score as much points as possible: “Hunt mammoths”, “Draw a fresco”, “Pick some fruits”, “Fire conquest”, “Capture mammoths”.
On the tables, these actions are translated in  taking, carrying and placing objects on the field, and throwing objects like spears and a net.

Full details of the rules are here: Eurobot 2014 Rules (PDF 1.9 MB).

Rocco and Melo (our robots) have been approved (homologated) yesterday, the matches will start today 7 june 2014 at 16.00 (CET), here is the full timetable: full timetable.

You can watch the matches in live streaming from here: live streaming.

In the following video you can see our robots and us interviewed by the webtv of our university.

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UniCT Team 2013 tribute video

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Eurobot 2013: “happy birthday” rules revealed

Eurobot 2013 Rules (PDF 1.4 MB)

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UniCT team 2012 tribute video

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Eurobot 2012 photos

Some photos we took this year:

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We are on the newspaper today

Articolo del giornale "La Sicilia" del 11/06/2012

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Here we are!

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